Monday, 13 March 2017

Spring Mood 2017

While this may not be the height of garden design - 
in a public space, 
these things make all the difference to children and immediate tactile civic joy.

Pastel houses offset with cherry tree blooms are a joy to walk by.

But I also enjoy walking by utilitarian high street buildings in the east end of London with a pithy political statement.

'If we all spit together we can drown the bastards' by the late union boss Bob Crow

One thing that annoys me about London restaurants is they have an automatic service charge without the American 
- y'all have a nice day/want fries with that? service.  
They now include a cover charge when there isn't any olives or bread on the side. 
London is become a living edifice of a toll booth.

Maybe the cover charge was for the chinoiserie fabric covered loo doors?

The lit hotel in Park Lane looked very Miami.

I had a spa morning.

I took a picture under the real pearl chandelier/light fitting once but I wasn't in my bathrobe and it was on my wedding day.

The lighting is soothing and wish I could recreate it in my home but I am sure that it will need the lighting knowledge of a Broadway musical set designer or something.

While very nice and I would love it in my own home, 
this Ralph Lauren / orchidy / overly sleek look is decor saturation. 
My friend says she thinks it looks like the lobby of a high end bank.

I did like the literal version of rose water but then worried instantly after if there were pesticides on the petals.
Is it hard to source organic roses I wonder?
But a momentary question that I will never follow up on.

I do feel lucky to live near the park.
It is such a refuge.
There is always a beautiful and calming sight to distract oneself from being in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world.
This horse was doing some training.

My own plants are doing well.
The lemons which have been hanging on the tree have ripened and I might save it for a gin and tonic in warmer weather.

The nectarine blooms are divine.

Warms the heart because there is an isolation to winter.
There is a moment where I think - will it ever be spring again or is this going to be the second ice age that Europe went through in the Middle ages when it was cold for a few hundred years?

Bees must have been starving and of course I try and get plants in the limited space I have aimed for butterflies and bees.

So it really feels great to see them feasting on the flowers.
My brother tells me I am getting old when I start talking about my window boxes!

Have a good week x

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Overused Words of Late

I am fascinated by words and language.

I wrote in this post about some of my favorite words that aren't in English.

I love different accents when spoken in English and sayings from collection nations.

But there are a few words that have been grating like nails on chalkboard.


Paradigm shift



That's a lot of 'P' words!

Fake news - that is two but one rarely hears one without the other these days





despite Brexit

fashion trend



Millenial Instagrammer


live press conference



'So' - when starting a new train of thought or in the beginning of a sentence.  This is like starting a new conversation with - therefore.

I know it is an accepted form of vernacular presently but it still sounds like the beginning of a story that university girls will start with when they recount how they think their professor is hitting on them. Please don't use in professional setting.

Please feel free to vent!

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Just when I was getting Decor Fatigue and a Hello

Hello!  I have so many unpublished and now defunct past its sell by date posts clogging up the world's internet data storage.  I shall do some digital spring clean because unlike many of you, I don't even have guilt that I haven't spring cleaned nor probably won't declutter like a born again, centre left aligning, 'this year will be my year' divorcee. 

But I am saying hello with a rather feeble attempt at a post.

Not that I need to, nor are you bothered, but I find editing on my new laptop really rather tedious.  I don't mind apple products but I do find their keyboards so feeble and anaemic.  I know some of you might get the old / new Nokia 3310 phone out of a ironic gesture but I may get it in earnest.

I have been in some sort of time vacuum and it is March already. I blame planning - I thought this year I would do what I normally do not do which is to plan.  I like spontaneity or so I said while I kept forgetting to plant bulbs or book a concert in the autumn season at the Royal Opera house. It is harder to do things on the spot in London especially as you will inevitably have to queue anyway.

Right - enough of this stream of chatting consciousness.

Please see the Ardmore collection by Cole & Son which I am tempted by.  And it has been a few seasons since I was taken by something decor related.

I blame Instagram.  

I know you are waiting for a padded out, wordy, sarcastic reason why but I know you know why.

Because I am becoming a middle aged old fart.

I called someone out who, with intent, left dog mess on the streets.  
In Britain, that is akin to a political movement few shades down from Brexit.

Have a lovely weekend x

Monday, 6 February 2017

Bins, St Joan of Arc, Trois Vallees, Hyacinths

Don't you just love this book cover?
It's not the outside jacket but it should be.
I got Paolo Moschino's new book because even though I am trying to limit my books I got it because it features London properties.
I saw a documentary on Faberge and it piqued my interest that I wanted a permanent reference on my shelves.

I saw a fantastic play at the Donmar called Saint Joan.
It was about Joan of Arc but mirrored present day issues such as Aleppo, religious fanaticism and references to Frexit - 
French Brexit. 
You really should watch it if you are in town.

Don't you find bins tough to assimilate into your home even if you aren't into decor?
I got this on sale and I love it because it has an insert to easily dispose of rubbish.
I might get another one now.

Post offices were going to go the way of dinosaurs and yet now they are so pivotal.
This was the queue in January and not before Christmas!

I had a bit of a hiccup this month with a friend.
It was so mentally exhausting and I rarely need a drink 
but after an "episode" I drank a few gin and tonics.  
While it is never nice to argue,
 I think it is nice to lighten the load and rid your life of toxic people.
But bars must hate me because I eat my body weight in accompanying popcorn/nuts/pretzels.

I bought mixed bulbs last autumn and dumped them in the courtyard as it is meant to be chilled but then forgot to label them.
One of them is definitely hyacinths and I am so glad I bothered to transplant them in bowls.

I am getting closer to thinking about a dog but just trying to figure out logistics.
Also I am afraid I might never leave the house again.
I find that when Millie is around I just hang out with her all day and only go to the park.

But I did go skiing with my brother but this time around he was better than me.
We were highly competitive as children and that only carried on the first day and I had to admit defeat which he relished so much.

He advised me to compete against myself and I got an app to see my improvement.
Ski tracks lite was my daily.

I normally chase the sun but it seemed the Vitamin D supplements were working and I didn't feel the need to sit by a pool.

I loved the drastic hourly difference in the mountains.

I do love the three valleys for the difference in landscape and ambiance.

Just remember that there are certain runs like the one below that are not insurable.

Don't forget you need separate insurance for off piste skiing 
which I didn't and my brother was chaperoning me 
the day I went off piste.

Apres ski was fun but I didn't last outside so I did it mostly inside in front of a fire.

Snow is only fun for skiers or children but it does make other things really difficult.

Luckily I took the direct ski train back to London which was convenient.

But Calais is thoroughly depressing. I never really noticed all the fences before.

But here is to the year of the rooster - may it be a peaceful one! x

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Vogue January Paris 2017 - The Karl Lagerfeld Issue

Yesterday was the Chanel fashion show with the two featured on the cover in the show finale.

Karl and Lily-Rose Depp - the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp.

I had the post done and then my inept handling of the still very foreign sign language of my Macbook somehow destroyed it and so now this will be just a simple sharing post!

Gloves are most definitely synonymous with the Queen, Michael Jackson, and of course, Karl.

He does love to read and seems to have the most beautiful libraries in all his homes.

The article is in French but the names translate easily for your viewing.